Lao Script for Windows

LaoScript 8 and Windows 8

Using Lao Script for Windows with Windows 8

A Lao keyboard is provided by Windows 8, but it does not insert ZWSP breaks, and does not wrap Lao text at word boundaries unless that is managed at display time by the application.

Wrapping Lao text at word boundaries is managed at display time by Microsoft® Office (2007 or later) provided that the documents are saved using the newer .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc. formats, not in the "Compatibility Mode" Microsoft® Office 2003 formats. So it is best not to insert breaks during text input when using Microsoft® Office 2007 (or later) applications unless you are saving your documents in the old format.

When using applications other than Microsoft® Office, either desktop or "Metro", using break-insertion during input is usually going to be preferable. So, for example, if using OneNote MX, the Lao text will wrap correctly if entered using LaoScript 8 keyboard mapping (either Lao typewriter or phonetic) with break-insertion enabled, but will not wrap correctly if Windows 8's internal Lao keyboard mapping is used.

LaoScript 8 keyboard mapping works correctly for both desktop and "Metro" (tiled) applications, with either phonetic or Lao-typewriter input layouts. However, for "Metro" applications, the taskbar icon is not displayed, so it is easiest to enable or disable Lao keyboard mapping by using the hotkey. The Pause key is most commonly used for enabling or disabling Lao keyboard mapping, and is configured by default, but another hotkey combination may be used if preferred, and set using the LaoScript 8 options dialog.

LaoScript 8 cannot be installed on Windows 8 RT. So Microsoft® Surface tablets and other devices using that version of Windows 8 must depend on the system's native Lao support, which is limited to the "Lao typewriter" keyboard layout and only wraps Lao text correctly at word boundaries when used with Microsoft Office applications.

LaoScript 8 keyboard mapping does not work from the Windows on-screen keyboard. It may work if an external keyboard is attached for Windows 8 x86 tablet devices, but that has not yet been tested.

Earlier versions of Lao Script for Windows may work with 32-bit applications installed on Windows 8, but have not been tested and will not be supported.

Since using desktop applications on Windows 8 remains much the same as on Windows 7, see Windows 7 and 64-bit Editions of Windows for more information.